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  • The plane from tomorrow

    Imagine a cabin where the windows are display screens, relaying a choice of views from around the aircraft…
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  • INOVI @ Internet & Mobile World 2015

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    INOVI @ Internet & Mobile World 2015.

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    INOVI won the „Best IT Product of the Year 2014” award

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  • Gold Medal @ Geneva’s 42th Exhibition of Inventions

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    From 2nd until 6th of April 2014, INOVI was present at the 42th Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

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  • The bus from tomorrow

    Transit buses are not the most appealing vehicles to roam the streets, but they do play a huge part in the city’s day-to-day transportation needs.
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  • How near future can look like

    A Day Made of Glass was introduced on Corning’s YouTube channel and it’s had over 14 million views!

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