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  • Build-in Multitouch Tables for food court in CORESI Shopping Resort

    • inovi-multitouch-32inch-1
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    • inovi-multitouch-32inch-3

    INOVI developed custom build-in multitouch tables with Android for public acces in food court.

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  • Wood finish large Multitouch Table

    • Multitouch table /  masa tactila interactiva
    • inovi-multitouch-55inch-1
    • inovi-multitouch-55inch-2
    • inovi-multitouch-55inch-3
    • inovi-multitouch-55inch-4

    INOVI installs a full customized Multitouch table made in oak wood.

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  • Procter & Gamble

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    With our partner, Hansen Office Design we have successfully update  a Coffee Area from Brussels Innovation Center for our client, Procter and Gamble. Read more

  • TNT Computers

    TNT Computers is a local IT shop from Sibiu / Romania that wanted to promote the special Christmas offers using unconventional  new way.

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    • iglass-2
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    A strange but beautiful and attracting place. A well know plastic surgeon in Romania, turns one of his clinics into a remarcable place

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  • YUKA Mobili

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    A successful local business from Constanta /Romania offers high quality furniture collections for selected clients. They wanted for their new location something out of the ordinary. Read more

  • Xtravagance

    • iglass proxect
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    Now, Window Dressing has new meanings because new technologies (switchable or projection films, interactive displays, etc) will attract and even interact with the users. We have installed at Xtravagance / Sibiu / Romania a concept of dual window display.

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    A 700+ people  Club located in center on Sibiu / Romania wanted to offer a new visual experience for the clients.

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