How near future can look like

A Day Made of Glass was introduced on Corning’s YouTube channel and it’s had over 14 million views!

Rough House produced „The most-viewed corporate video of all time.” (Marketing Daily) We collaborated with Westernized Productions to visualize a high-tech future where functional glass plays a large role in everyday life.

It is featured on hundreds of blogs, tech sites and investment pages including Wired, Current, Gizmodo, Open Salon and Atlantic Wire, reaching #1 Video on Unruly Media’s Viral Video Chart.

Dave Mackie directed for San Francisco ad agency Doremus. Rough House Executive Producer Todd Lindo led the production & post teams, including: Marcello Grande – VFX Supervisor, Lisa Tesone – Live Action Producer, Norman Bonney – Director of Photography (Arri Alexa), Sterling Storm – Production Designer, and Marc Cebrian – Editor. For Doremus: Michael Litchfield – VP/Creative Director, Interactive Media and Catherine Hunter – Agency Producer.

Six days of production took the cast and crew of 45 to locations in Marin County, San Jose, and San Francisco. Post production was completed at the 550 Bryant Street studios with artists from Rough House and Westernized using After Effects, Nuke, Maya, Final Cut, and numerous 3D tracking tools. E.P. Todd Lindo noted, „The live action production was definitely a challenge, but creating all the elements of technology that don’t quite exist yet, that was the real fun. Fortunately, we have a lot of artist firepower here at 550.”