Multi touch round tables

Using multitouch detection on a waterproof glass surface was our main challenge. With our partner, Hansen Office Design we have successfully developed such tables with great design and usability.

Coffee is better when you can browse the internet directly form the table surface.

Our client, Procter and Gamble, wanted to update  a Coffee Area from Brussels Innovation Center.  We came with the concept of intelligent tables, where users can browse the internet by simply touching the glass tables’ surfaces. The goals were:

  • Multi touch Glass Table Tops
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful computer with wireless capability and internet access

Hansen came with the great table stands and chairs, a futuristic design that really fits our state-of-the-art technology.

The tables were customize in white color glass to merge the environment and were equipped with the latest Mini PCs from Intel.

For a great touch experience, we have installed Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System, so that users easy access great resources by simply waving their fingers across the glass surface.

Contact us if this project is similar to what you have in mind !