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  • Gold Medal @ Geneva’s 42th Exhibition of Inventions

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    From 2nd until 6th of April 2014, INOVI was present at the 42th Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

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  • Procter & Gamble

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    With our partner, Hansen Office Design we have successfully update  a Coffee Area from Brussels Innovation Center for our client, Procter and Gamble. Read more

  • Multitouch Curved Glass Screen

    We had a real challenge making this system. We needed to make a round glass sensitive to user touches, in order to navigate a media content. Read more

  • Multi touch round tables

    Using multitouch detection on a waterproof glass surface was our main challenge. With our partner, Hansen Office Design we have successfully developed such tables with great design and usability.

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  • YUKA Mobili

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    A successful local business from Constanta /Romania offers high quality furniture collections for selected clients. They wanted for their new location something out of the ordinary. Read more