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Now, Window Dressing has new meanings because new technologies (switchable or projection films, interactive displays, etc) will attract and even interact with the users. We have installed at Xtravagance / Sibiu / Romania a concept of dual window display.

Our target was to offer advertising where no other display methods were available. Sibiu City Center is a historical place where local administration, do not accept banners, LED Screens and other important advertising channels in order to preserve the old appearance. We came with a revolutionary technology that resolves these limits:

  • iGlass – Switchable film
  • Retroprojection
  • Digital signage Computer

iGlass is a thin self adhesive film with liquid crystals that once connected to a power source offers a dual work mode:  in daytime the storefront window is transparent and shows the inside products, and by night, it turns into a huge advertising screen.

Keyword of success: Duality !

We successfully used this feature and…

  1. the shop products are available to view in daytime
  2. when dawn comes, the glass automatically turns opaque and a computer controlled video projector attracts people with vivid, full HD video content
  3. due the fact that the front street is very crowded, the location starts increasing its income by renting advertising space on the shop’s digital window!

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