YUKA Mobili

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A successful local business from Constanta /Romania offers high quality furniture collections for selected clients. They wanted for their new location something out of the ordinary.

The New Showroom from Yuka Mobili  was a great concept in design and technology. All the lighting system, the sound and the metal sun shields were PC controlled.

We develop for our client systems than can integrate with the environment and that can offer great indoor client experience:

  • iGlass Projection window
  • Panoramic Projection Screens

We have installed iGlass – switchable film on an outside window so that by a single click the clients can view the outside space, or the room transforms into a private place.

This surface is also used for projection. When dawn comes, iGlass automatically switches to opaque mode and from outside, a great 4×2 meter projection attracts people passing by with advertising video content.

The owner, wanted for his clients to have a visual experience when they are looking for furniture collections.

Environmental visual effects are creating good mood for clients

We installed a multi projector system that transforms most of the available walls into a huge pictures/video landscape. For a moment you are in Antarctica, and in seconds, the whole interior turns into a Safari. Clients were found of this idea and appreciate the „climate changes”

Contact us if this project is similar to what you have in mind !